5 Sustainable Swaps for Your Home Extension in 2023

Megan Lupton | February 22nd, 2023 | Technology & Innovation

‘Sustainability’ has been a popular buzzword in recent years, and for good reason. There are countless sustainable swaps that you can make in your home and garden, but what about your extension? Palmers Orangeries and Conservatories have outlined below five of the most sustainable swaps you can make in your orangery or conservatory, from the lightbulbs to the contractors you use for your design project.  

Invest in Double Glazing Windows & Doors 

The best way to cut down your heating costs is to keep the heat in your home. Double-glazed windows and doors keep the warmth generated by your radiators in your property, trapped by the insulating material. This can reduce the energy required to heat your home, meaning lower energy bills for you and greater sustainability for the planet. 

Choose Sustainable Materials  

One of the best ways to ensure that your home extension is eco-friendly is to choose sustainable materials. This may include materials that are reusable, local, or eco-effective to produce. At Palmers Orangeries and Conservatories, for every tree that we use in our construction projects, we plant a tree in return. This ensures that we always give back to the earth while maintaining our popular, high-quality service.  

Install Under Floor Heating 

As heat rises, underfloor heating means that your home will be warmed from floor to ceiling. Several studies found that underfloor heating is up to 20% more efficient than traditional heating systems, making it an important sustainable swap for your home extension. Our orangeries and conservatories come with high-tech underfloor heating, so you can use your extension all year round.  

Swap Your Light Bulbs for LEDs 

An easy and sustainable swap for your entire home is to replace your ordinary light bulbs with more efficient LEDs. LED lights convert 95% of energy into light and only 5% is wasted as heat, meaning these bulbs use less energy to light your home. One of the most asked questions by our clients is, ‘will my extension be bright enough?.’ LED bulbs are as bright as they are eco-friendly, so you will not have to sacrifice function for sustainability.  

Choose a Sustainable Contractor 

It is important to choose a building contractor that aligns with your values. When we talk about ‘sustainable swaps’ in the planning process of building an extension, it can be overwhelming to consider every lightbulb, heating system and material. With a sustainable construction company like Palmers Orangeries and Conservatories, your extension will put the planet first.  

Hear from one of our previous clients: 

“We met Clive three years ago when he came to discuss an extension to our property - quickly our ideas were brought to life and the results surpassed all our expectations. Clive and his team were professional and reliable, and I can only recommend this company.” - Michael 

If you want to put sustainability first, choose Palmers Orangeries and Conservatories. Use our easy online contact form to reach a member of our team. 

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