5 Ways to Keep Your Conservatory Warm This Winter

Megan Lupton | February 22nd, 2023 | Technology & Innovation Conservatories

As the dark nights roll in and we wake up to frost-covered cars before our morning commute, one question plagues many homeowners;

"how can I make the most of my extension in winter?"

Conservatories are breezy, airy spaces in the summer months, but from October onwards, these extensions suck heat from our homes. 

Install an Electric Heater or Fire 

An electric heater will be both stylish and practical. These economic radiators come in sleek white and will fit seamlessly with the existing style of your conservatory. Small but mighty, a single electric heater has the power to warm your entire room! 

Alternatively, electric fires are safe alternatives to the many woods or gas options. They are perfect for rustic homes as their traditional style is timeless, while more modern designs perfectly suit new builds. Take your conservatory to the next level with this outstanding installation. 

Invest in Double Glazed Windows 

Though many conservatories are fitted with double-glazed windows, some are higher quality than others. Here at Palmers, we use only the highest grade materials, meaning that our double glazed windows and doors stand the test of time, every season of the year.  

We will conduct a home visit to examine the quality of your double glazing, then suggest warmer and safer alternatives. Our windows and doors are designed bespoke to your needs, so an upgrade will not just keep your conservatory warmer but transform your extension’s style. 

Upgrade Your Curtains or Blinds 

Aside from their style, curtains and blinds serve a vital purpose in your home – keeping in the heat. They restrict the flow of air and retain heat in your home, by keeping the cold air particles between the curtain and the window.  

Make sure to draw your curtains at dusk as, according to the University of Salford, this can minimise heat loss by 15% - 17%. For even more protection, consider securing the sides of your curtains to the walls to stop the cold air from escaping.  

Use Under Floor Heating 

Under floor electric heating warms your conservatory from the inside out. Alongside insulation and double-glazed windows and doors, this installation evenly heats a room so every corner of your conservatory will be comfortable.  

Many conservatories are built with stone, tile or wooden flooring, which can be cold underfoot. Under floor heating removes this issue entirely by warming the surface of your floor. Energy efficient, safe for all the family and perfect for small spaces, there are countless benefits to under floor heating! 

Blankets & Draft Excluders 

If in doubt – or while you are waiting for your fire, floor or windows to be installed – go for the old fashioned route! 

Blankets and draft excluders are tried and tested methods for keeping you warm in your extension. Cost effective, classic and exceptionally cosy, a thick blanket will be perfect for cold nights in with your loved ones.  

Draft excluders come in all shapes, sizes and colours, making them perfect for all home interiors. If you prefer a rustic aesthetic, opt for a traditional plaid draft excluder. Animal lovers can find draft excluders shaped like cats, elephants and all creatures in between, while a minimalist home would benefit from sleek rubber linings around its doors and windows. 

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