5+ Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer 2023

Megan Lupton | February 22nd, 2023 | Technology & Innovation General News

With global temperatures on the rise, it is no secret that British homes are underprepared. In 2023, temperature records were broken across the UK as people sweated and struggled to cool down. British properties are not designed to withstand the heat, which forced many people to find solace outside, as 44% of homes lacked essential cooling equipment. 

Here at Palmers Orangeries and Conservatories, we have developed home installations and extensions that keep your home warm in winter and, more importantly, cool in summer. Learn more about our bespoke service below. 

Source: BBC  

1. Invest in Large Double Doors 

One of the easiest ways to cool your house down in the hot summer months is by introducing a cross breeze. Our large patio doors allow a welcome breeze to enter your home and bring the temperature down – nature’s fan! Stylish and designed bespoke to your home, our double doors are built from a wide range of quality materials, including aluminium and wood.  

What makes our patio doors so popular is their temperature control technology, which locks the cool air in and the hot air out, and vice versa in the winter months. Prepare for future heatwaves by investing in your windows and doors.  

2. Close Your Curtains & Blinds 

When you commission new windows and doors with Palmers, your home will be transformed by our large, beautiful installations. However, giant panes of glass can magnify the sun and make your home hotter. The answer? Install curtains and blinds.  

By closing your curtains and blinds, you will reduce the sunlight streaming into your home. Even through a window, the sun can warm the air within your home, making curtains and blinds essential for keeping your home cool. Ask the Palmers team about thermal or blackout blinds and curtains.  

3. Use a Standing Fan or Ceiling Fan 

Most British homes are not built with ceiling fans as standard, so many families are forced to rely on electric fans. If you are considering an orangery or conservatory extension, talk to Palmers about ceiling fan installations and embrace the future of British homes.  

We will ensure that your ceiling fan complements the existing aesthetic of your home, thanks to our professional team who specialise in designing bespoke extensions. A ceiling fan will encourage a cross breeze to flow throughout your home, keeping you and your family cool.  

4. Install a Skylight 

Skylights are glazed glass windows fitted to the roof of your orangery, conservatory or extension. There are several options available, including hinged windows that open outwards. In the hot summer months, skylights help to aerate your home.  

As glass can magnify the power of the sun and make your house warmer, our bespoke service also include stylish blinds which can block the powerful UV rays. Simply talk to a member of our team and explain your requirements.  

5. Seal Your Windows & Doors 

When we talk about windows and doors, it is often assumed that tight seals trap the warm air in your home. This may be true in winter, but in the summer, well-fitted windows and doors can keep the cool air in your home, and the hot air out.   

If you close all your windows and doors and feel just as hot inside as you do outside, then your home may not be sealed properly. This will mean that even if you invest in a cooling system, warm air will still permeate your home. Talk to Palmers to discover the power of sealing your home.  

6. Contact Palmers Orangeries & Conservatories 

Another fantastic way to prepare your home for increasingly hot summers is to contact Palmers! Our team are specialists at regulating temperature within your home, as our double-glazed windows and insulated extensions keep cool air in and hot air out. Paired with our skylights and ceiling fans, we are committed to transforming your home from sweltering to serene.  

Our team includes designers and constructers, who will centre your home renovation goals at every stage of the process. To find out more, contact Palmers Orangeries and Conservatories via our online contact form


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