Will New Windows & Doors Keep My House Warmer?

Megan Lupton | February 22nd, 2023 | Technology & Innovation General News

Draughty windows and doors can lead to a cold, damp house, wasting your energy and money. So when we at Palmers are asked “will new windows and doors keep my house warmer?” the answer is simple – yes! 

Insulated windows and doors are better for your home, your bank account and the planet. According to the Energy Saving Trust, a home upgrade will “reduce the amount of heat lost to the atmosphere”, keeping your house warm and the earth cool.  

In this article, we will outline the key reasons why investing in your windows and doors should be on your to-do list before winter.  

Reduce Draughts  

Over time, as your house settles, cracks can form along your window and door frames. At Palmers, our comprehensive installation process ensures that all wear and tear is patched up to make the most of your new, insulated windows and doors.   

Have you ever sat in your home and thought, “I can feel a draught”? Our windows and doors prevent warm air from escaping and cold air from the brisk outdoors from blowing through your home. So, keep the draught at bay and pack your woolly socks away with Palmers’ windows and doors! 

Insulate Your Home 

With rising electricity and gas prices, do not let cracked and uninsulated windows and doors drive those prices even higher! At Palmers, we understand that every degree of heat in your home is gold dust, so promise that our windows and doors will insulate your home.  

New windows and doors will maintain the temperature in your home, as our state-of-the-art installations are top-quality and built to last. With both classic and contemporary styles available, with Palmers you can insulate your home while maintaining your desired aesthetic.  

Protection from the Elements 

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British weather is often cold, bleak and rainy, but in the summer, heat waves turn our homes into saunas. In the winter months, cracked windows and door frames let the cold air, but come the summer months, small and awkward windows reduce airflow. 

At Palmers, our windows and doors protect your home from the elements, thanks to our high-quality and sustainable materials. Rain, shine or snow, we are confident that your new windows and doors will protect your home from the elements. 

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